Zero-Defect Policy

     -      Producing with Zero-Defect which is available for all over the world is our Basic Quality Policy and must be applied by our all employees.


    Customer satisfaction

-      Our aim is to become a leader of  protection of quality and productions and to maintain them. This is the essential for economic achivement.

-      Our each employees are responsible for protecting quality of their duties which are given to them. In case these terms are applied, we can please our valued customers.

-      We deliver products as requested quantity and deadline to our valued customers.

    Continuous Improvments

-       Our quality concept is to prevent defects on all levels of manufacture.

-       New and series productions must be better than the old ones.

-       Information exchange among employees is essential for continuous improvements.

     Team Work

-       All employees must respect each other in superior-inferior relationship.

     Quality Awareness of Employees

-       Each employees are responsible for their work. They make their personal abilities and motivations focus on quality products.

-       Increasing the quality awareness and motivations of our employees is the management function of our firm.

-       So, all employees must adopt quality policy and must be aware of being applied according to bonus and penalty.

Environmental Liability

-       As a part of social responsibility, we decrease the potential risks for environmental and production liability.





*You can see our other certificates by clicking on the photos.

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